Thursday, April 28, 2011


Lets keep this thread interesting and lets take a moment to think about the best of our husband. Every day in and day out we love,fight,understand,quarrel, bite,pinch,cry,smile and hug.
This is life...But we all should accept that our husband is the only soul created and bonded especially for us.It is just that situation and once's emotions/mood that keep happy or wild..
and lets rejoice with the one who is specially made for us and lets keep loving them forever :)

1) Was your's love or arranged marriage?
2) Your husband's pet name for you?
3) What is your husband's shirt and trouser size, fav dish,color,hobby ?
4) Do you like if you husband talks or gets close to his mom and his family
(need honest answers ?
5) List the top 5 best qualities of your husband ?
6)What aspects do you think that your husband should change for you (3 points)?
7)What do you feel is the secret of successful marriage ( 3 points) ?
** if u guys unable to answer 4 from 7 question , please learn to know your hubby better ~

Wishing you all happy happy married life forever.

** copy same from others blogger ..

Friday, April 22, 2011

A visit

We managed to park on the grass adjacent to the small car park most times but on one occasion, at the weekend, took what was the last space in the car park across the road.

Pack your stuff , sit back relax and enjoy the journey.

We had an extremely enjoyable stay here for a short trip. Arrived a couple of hours early but were checked in right away to our room – a premium water chalet – would recommend these as the view is right across the sea rather than to other chalets as shown in my photo. The room was clean and pleasantly spacious and we loved the outside shower/bathroom arrangement. The free Wifi worked very well.

The pools were all good though we spent most of our time by the adult one (as did the peacocks). The other pools were just as good and had more sections to interest children.

We found all the staff very friendly and helpful, particularly those in the restaurants. We had several buffets and enjoyed them very much, they were not cheap but we were hungry as we do not eat much lunch so we had value for money.

Regarding less favorable comments made by previous reviewers – we had no problems of any sort with insects; possibly it was the time of year or they had successfully dealt with them. Breakfast was acceptable and enjoyable though sometimes rather crowded but this was to be expected during school holidays and the staff were always very good at refilling everything and getting anything extra we wanted.

Overall an excellent holiday and we shall be back

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