Thursday, December 29, 2011

Short break @ Cherating

Uncle Zack 's car is our Triton . many thanks

Ejo's feeling ala ala mat salih :p
Dina Jr

Would not able to follow ! hell no :p
The main reason to come to Cherating is the beautiful beach; they are one of the cleanest beach you can find around this area. The Cherating beach is quite long, and with the windy weather, it’s quite nice to walk along the beach. The beach is also popular for Surfers, but this is usually during the Monsoon season (end of the year).

p/s: We miss u so much uncle zakuan and autie Ophelie .When u coming back to see us .. huwwwaaa ...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas party 2011

Farahdina : Why me? ( sambil tunjuk buih buih lekat kat rambut dia .. )
We walked together but twice dia kena sembur , heheh ... Its cool celebration , we hang out together without our younger son Satria .
Farok : That is differentiate between anak dara and mak dara ..
Hahaha , finally we laugh ..
We celebrating Oat's birthday in Watami before the countdown .  

So after makan , diorang nak tengok the countdown .. Pavilion was like an market , penuh dengan manusia ... Seriously macam you went to concert something like that.. I can see a lot of kakak2 and abang 2 selling the spray buih ... pavi was floated with buih. So far takda gaduh . Its fun sometimes ...

Memory Lane before we married ...

Semalaman dating ngan Oatt , This time we meet up @Roppongi's "Tokyo Midtown" with its Midtown Tower, the highest building in Tokyo.

Kali ni kami menjamu selera Kaya Toast, Oatt suka sangat makan kaya toast kt sini, sebabnya menu dan rasa kaya toast ni memang kenalah dengan tekak orang Malaysia, kt gerai ni ade jual teh tarik, milo panas, telur separuh masak, macam ala-ala menu breakfast pagi-pagi kat Malaysia tu, kami order set kaya toast ngan order nescafe tarik  panas   , padan la ngan cuaca pun ... Kering hingus I !
Yang makan beria bukan nye Oatt tapi aku siap mintak suruh order lagi tu...comel betul..bila berkawan ni, makan banyaklah, lepas acara makan-makan kami window shopping...

Cuaca punya la sejukan.. Tempreture 0' celcius .. 
Oatt ajak naik train almost one hour nak  ke grandbery Mall ..there is "La FĂȘte Tama" reflecting an image of the streets of Province in the South of France.
Yeaaaayyy nasib ada hadiah !! 

Then kitorang layan movie ... Berbeza dengan di malaysia .. Movie tickets run around 1,800yen ($1:100yen, then it will be $18). Mahal dan yang kelakarnya ticket takda perkataan sold out ye .. It just two time a day .. Dan prinsipnya siapa cepat dia dapat ... Like we have to seat on the floor , or stand which ever comfortable .. Hehe .. Jangan lupa kalau nak tgk citer omputih baca betul betul sebab depa ni semua citer omputih masuk depa alihkan suara ..and no subtitle ye ! 

Then we heading to“izakaya”. The famous Shinbashi .Japanese style bar/drinking and eat .. 

The weather is supper licious .. Sambil jalan almost 7 min to reach my place to stay .. 
Its super supper nice trip to be with and finally I said I do.. 

Happy aniversary ( and his birthday too ).. Moga sentiasa di berkati hendaknya ...

** choose not remember how long together cause I just wanna feel like yesterday we just met !

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Masa I mula mula bayar for the summer camp, I did not consult sesiapa kecuali Farok - The Boss. I just rasa that I kena hantar diorang .Dengan apa yang terjadi lately buat I sendiri menjadi takut. Dengan melihat anak anak remaja dalam paper yang macam macam jadi , I tak tahu apa pendekatan yang terbaik untuk anak anak ini.

Anak anak kita dah lali dengan bebelan ibubapa mereka sendiri. Kadang kadang method third party amat berkesan dalam keadaan sekarang ni. Lebih lebih lagi kawan adalah teman yang paling senang dipengaruhi.Tapi siapa teman teman anak anak kita manakan kita tahu. Kita berkerja mengejar hak hakiki !So I guess I rasa diorang patut pergi for "Summer Camp " this time. Their are fourteen , thirteen and twelve..Da besar , dah boleh berdikari.. Well is not like "mat salleh" summer camp. Its a place where children can experience the richness, excitement, and warmth of an Islamic environment; a place where children learn the importance of caring, sharing, tolerance, patience, and working with others. 

Masa mula mula sampai , tiga tiga moyok ,tapi bila I amek diorang tadi I can see they understand why I sent them . I just a mother who wanted them to recognized for imparting education that brings about a balance of traditional and modern values. The different about Islam and others . They are also learn for the high moral values and for their emphasis on the attainment of high academic standards.

In one of the programmed , I dapat surat dari diorang. Kata facilitator betapa ikhlasnya anak anak kami menulis. Menangis , memohon kebesaran ilahi , bertasbih mengenal rasulullah. Alhamdulillah! Takda apa yang lagi gembira daripada tahu betapa ikhlasnya mereka. Saya dan Farok was crying on that session . Insaf! Bertakafur .. malah setuju dengan kata one of the facilitator ; dulu program begini tidak berapa penting tapi dengan apa yang kita ada sekarang , dengan WiFi yang merata rata ada ni ramai antara kita tidak mampu melawan arus kemajuan itu.Insya Allah program program keagamaan sebegini mungkin bisa membentuk keperibadian mulia anak anak kita.

This is my reply to them :-

Anak anak mommy , 
I never thought to get a chance to kenal siapa kalian. Ini adalah hadiah yang paling indah. Menjaga, mendidik kalian , menyayangi kalian adalah anugerah yang tidak ternilai dengan kata kata. Biar apa orang kata , seorang pun takkan paham betapa cintanya mommy pada kalian. Betapa indahnya menjadi ibu walaupun bukan melahirkan kalian.
Mommy mohon satu sekiranya apa sekalipun terjadi antara kami , kalian tetap anak anak mommy dunia dan ahkirat. Insya allah.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

choc fudge ~

Diary ,
I miss him , my best buddy . Ingat macam mana kitorang dulu . Music , Jalan -jalan , impian dan masa depan ..I wish that you dapat tengok I walaupun we both never meant to be together. Ingat lagi masa you cakap how happy you are with me although ia hanya satu frasa kata tanpa berfikir.

I miss those days when you'd call just to say "hi" or "I love you"...the days it was so hard just to say good-bye for a while.

I remember how wonderful it felt the first time , you held me in your arms-and how after all those years you still made my heart melt.

I miss the old you- and the old me . The old us that could just sit and talk for hours and laugh ... and never run out of things to say.

I remember when time simply stood still- when in each other's arms is the only place we wanted to be...forever.
I miss us as I remember how it used to be...when nothing else matter but you and me.
Are you gonna come back and make me happy again ? 

I knoe - NAY - 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ombak Rindu

I tak baca novel Ombak rindu . Tapi hati meronta ronta nak p because i like Aaron so much. Ahaks . Maybe terbawa-bawa gila watak Seth dalam Nora Elina agaknya.
I tak tahu spelling nya Hariz macam dalam novel , tapi what i'll prefer to call him Harith (that what i saw in twitter of Aaron Aziz masa promotion on Ombak Rindu.

Well I doubt if it same with the novel. yelah 2hrs mana nak cukup. Jalan cerita so so je ..
 Yang beza , I can see from Harith eyes that he does in love with Izzah.

I can say Maya Karin have works hard to make sure that she able to cope with what the audience expected. Shall credited to her. Cuma personal from me she should learn the Malay dialect therefore then baru real nak melayu kampung. Ini panggil Encik dah bunyi macam incik, overall she has done a good job!

I like Mia emila as well . she so sexy peeps in this movie. Hahaha ! Rugi siapa tak tengok ! Watak egois anak orang kaya yang selalu nak menang , litle bit klise on this .. not much idea the director has put in this character but i like it. End of the day she know what she suppose to do. Of course marah bila tahu the truth but its better isn't ... Lisa ; from the bottom of my heart u good dude!! i like it so much !!

I tulis ni pun untuk Aaron ! Wallayeiii encik you have done a good job! Benci gila masa mula mula tengok perangai Harith macam siot . Script ( tag line also very daring ) Benci jugak la tengok perangai Harith yang baran tak tentu pasal. But he kinda kind heart , kalau tak takkan sanggup beli Izzah triple than the original prizes. Ishh Jijik betul tapi end up Harith terus jadi suci dari mata dan masa itulah , kelopak mata I bergenang. Harith is such hot temper , lovely , kind and such funny man.

Cuma sensitivity cerita ini bila peminat sendiri tak tahu the different comedian yang diselit bukan untuk ketawa terbahak bahak tapi because it melancholic features just to prepares the characteristically manner.

Overall , shall i congratulate them ! you guys have done a good job! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wishing everyone a successful and blessed 1434H. Salam Maal Hijrah :)

Home alone ! Seriously .. children's went out with his mother ; hubby working .. letto play outside ..Dengar lagu Hoobastank ! Syok meaningful ..
HIJRAH haruslah difahami sebagai berpindah dari suatu keadaan tidak baik kepada keadaan yang lebih baik.

Remember my hubby bbm was stated ; kalau tak dapat hijrah pun xpa la , janji hijrah dalam pelakuan . Insya allah baby boo ..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hati yang terluka ...

"mencintai awak adalah kesilapan yang takkan saya ulangi !"

p/s : You don't know what you do to me you don't have a clue. You don't know what it's like to be me looking at you!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jiwanya ~

Jiwanya ini mungkin terusik.. bukan apa hatinya juga macam orang lain . Punyai perasaan ... Punyai naluri ...
Kadang kala salah ditafsir , salah pengertian .. Macam mana nak faham kalau tidak cuba belajar untuk faham..

Amarahnya sama macam orang lain , kerana dia juga punyai hati ... lidahnya juga punyai rasa.. kerana perasaannya selalunya tidak apa apa ...
Bila berkokok kesudahannya terlalu perit,
Keringatnya tidak pernah dihargai ...
Peluhnya tidak pernah berhenti ...

Jiwanya mungkin terusik tatkala hati orang lain perit .. kesudahan hatinya tiada siapa yang mengerti.. Dia sendiri tidak pasti ..
Ketawanya seolah disalah erti juga , apakah mereka - mereka ini mahu tatkala hati terusik bertanya...

Jiwanya mungkin terusik tatkala ada pula bertanya .. pasti mereka - mereka tidak faham kalau tidak masakan bertanya ; kan ?

Tapi bila jiwanya terusik bak badai menghempas ganas ; Dia ; tiada suara , ukiran senyumannya pernuh paksa...

Jiwanya mungkin terusik tatkala ada saja jari menundingnya tapi yang lebih pasti bila hak itu bukan hak hatinya...

Friday, November 11, 2011


Special kan this date .. From of the message that i have received ;
It has been for 15000000bc to reach this date ..according to mayans god has created love.
I dont said that its wrong but for love is everyday right.. Dont u think u wait till this date to show how much u love and cares the person is ? Exceptional for those who wanted or planned to get married on that date ; memang cantik pun date tu kan ...
Dah memang trend skarang ni .. Semuanya pilih date cantik ; tak kisah la falls ari apa pun kan ... Hheh

Ada lagi;-
Read this!Dalam kitab satanic the holy is satan;Mr St Wingston father satan bagitau yang 11.11.11 hari kebangkitan anak setan dan dajjal yang akan memerintah dunia dan orang akan memuja-muja pada hari keramat yg bratus tahun Wiliam satan tunggu-tunggukan .
"Sebenarnya orang tak akan tahu apakah makna tarikh tersebut malah pada hari Jumaat datangnya kami untuk menyesat semua agama islam , kristian dan buddha.Dan di mana nanti yahudi dan kami akan gembira kerana kebodohan manusia yang ada agama tapi tidak guna dengan betul . Sesungguhnya father of god satan akan terus menyesat anak-anak adam , St Mary and Crist Jesus . Maka kiamat akan muncul pada hari Jumaat dan tarikh ini bermakna untuk kami . Semperna keturunan kami 6.6.6 9.9.9 dan 11.11.11 "
Ada yang spread kata esok terjadinya kiamat, bukankah kita semua tahu dan diajar tanda tanda kiamat dan tahu tiada siapa yang diantara kita boleh preddict bila terjadinya kiamat..

Jagalah akidah kita ~

Wallahualam ...

Yang pasti dari petikan blog Ustaz Azhar Idrus
‎11.11.11 ~ nothing special except --> Today is FRIDAY ~ Specialnya tarikh 11.11.11 ~ sebab ~~> Jumaat penghulu segala hari dan pada hari jumaat juga:

1) Allah ciptakan Adam ,
2) Allah turunkan Nabi Adam ke bumi,
3) Allah mematikan Nabi Adam,
4) Pada hari itu juga ada satu saat yang tidak ada seorang hamba pun yang memohon sesuatu, kecuali Allah akan perkenankan permohonannya, selagi ia tidak meminta sesuatu yang haram.
5) Pada hari itu juga akan terjadinya hari kiamat. Tidak ada satu malaikat pun, sekalipun yang amat dekat kedudukannya di sisi Allah, langit, bumi, angin, gunung, juga lautan, melainkan kesemuanya memohon belas kasihan pada hari tersebut.
( Riwayat Hadis Muslim)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Remember when Nurul tanya , "layan citer soffiya tak ? " Geleng je kepala. Taknak la , tak jadi keje la tengok drama during magrib ni. Bergaduh ngan semua orang tau sebelum sebelum ni .. Selalu jadi issue siapa nak antar anak p tuition .. huwwwaaa .. Huh end up siapa yang gila ! aku laa .. bukan aku je semua plak tu . Ngan Imran pun jadi emo .. En Hubby tak payah la nak cakap emo nye tahap gaban !
Tengok Soffiya jadi mangsa rogol ayahnya sendiri  ; hati sayu sangat. Cerita memang mainkan semua orang yang punyai emosi .. yang punya jiwa .. sedih sangat ! Kejam .. Bila dia bunuh bapak dia sendiri , macam nak je jerit pada for those yang kena rogol ngan bapak sendiri buat benda yang sama . Ayah dia doctor yang psycho!

Logiknya jugak takkan Ilyas boleh jatuh cinta dengan dia . Dia  je maybe terlebih lebih tapi bila dia jatuh cinta dengan  Kamal adui .. bukan sebab Kamal tua . Tak logik a million air man macam gitu kan .. hahhaha .. Moral ~ neeh !! :p

Fiona is excellent. Hate her charactor so much . Tetiba tengah tengok TV aku ngomel bentak bentak kebodohan Ilyas. Apatah yang dia nak kan ... 

Episode ke 27 , aku stuck dalam jammed Kuantan ke KL . Huh ! Nasib baik ada Pae update the story , rasanya macam tengah nengok kematian Fiona .. opsss ! Jahat ya ampun . Busuk sangat hatinya .. teruk betul ...

Rasanya nak cari Johny Depp ini sure Soffiya baca quote mamat ni kan .. aku tak happy bila dia pilih Kamal . Tapi agreed with Fizo bila dengar dia kata HOT FM .. it is a fair ending. Maybe kalau Soffiya tak pregnant dia mungkin ikut Ilyas p UK kot . Tapi macam macam la director ni nak call off the story.

Ending tak best sangat .. infact he has told Soffiya not a good sign (surat yang soffiya baca tu - yang dia bagi before he left to UK) I think the main emotions/feelings that drive everybody insane .
Katanya lagi "Ujian Allah tu sama hebat dengan rahmatnya!

But for sure , masakan Ilyas tak menyayangi Fiona , tapi memang Ilyas  jatuh hati pada Soffiya .. cuma sebagai yang naive Soffiyaa menjadikan dirinya taat walaupun tak begitu setia ..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raya vs galah panjang ..

separuh dari kami~
A wonderful traditional game that most everyone will fondly remember. Galah Panjang used to be one of the games to play when we are at the neighbourhood playground. This game is easy to play and involves much teamwork, strategising and of course active running .
Ingat masa kecik kecik dulu , inilah permainan yang end up jadi gaduh .. hahha .. dari pakai baju and long pants .. tukar jadi singlet ! Panas marah .. tak game game..

Raya is gathering for TCJ I believed .. We are very closed but of couse macam lidah dengan gigi kan .. masakan tak bertegang urat .. Even during the game also they still fighting.. hehehe .
I'll suppose to play the game unfortunately En Farok is came along ( for the first time ye). Then I need to pay the respect. He did not allow me to play! "ramai sangat orang tengok, katanya.
oppss .. we didn't play at grandma's house. We played at TC - Teluk Chempedak at 1234 am ! Kelas kan ! hhahaa

Just to share : ( orang melayu tentu tahu apa itu galah panjang , so I elaborated in English)

Divided to two team - one team called "tagging" , another one is "running". Mission to complete till the end of the line ( the last tagging team) and run back to the point has started. "Players" (running team)will have to do this by avoiding and cleverly manouvering(serangan) past the “tagging” team.Then the "player" ( running team) will get one mark.
Those has been touch or manouvering by "tagging" team has to be out of the court.
For "tagging" team cannot attack retreating forces back beyond the boundary of the field.It just a straight line that "tagging team allow to move. Only the leader can move at all line .
I'm sure there is few rules and regulation down in neighbourhood but the is the games and rules in TCJ.
TC at 1234 past morning !

But the best moment when you gathered with the love one .. ~

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chenta Rifqa

Welcome to the world!! Never the less to congratulate both of you SUE n EWAN! May she grow up to become a beautiful person with a wonderful heart and full of wisdom!

Hip! Hip! Hurray!!!!Wishing you a life full of health, happiness and bliss!May you grow up to become wonderful people like your parents!! It’s a girl.I am very happy for both of you.Beautiful name of CHENTA RIFQA! A little princess has arrived at your place. Grow her up in a way that she becomes sweet, kind and beautiful just like her parents.May God bless you little one!! Always make your parents happy, Just the way did today by arriving into their lives.

An arrival of baby girl is an ecstatic moment in the life of its immediate family. The little angel is going be cynosure of all eyes for years to come.Congratulations to both of you on birth of your new daughter...

Love ~
Mommy D , Uncle Oat , Imran , Farahdina & Satria

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Green Pants ~ Anak mommy dah besar

He was 6th years old
For every week when I get him back from his mother’s there are noticeable changes. He has learned new phrases, and new ways of interacting with his environment, but for sure he know that I love him than anything else. I'm not bias but watching him develop and interact with the world around him is fascinating and intriguing... His my baby ..

I'll seen the real him . I'll see him growth . 

2011 picture , his getting matured right ? Don't you think so ?
I could hear in his voice just how sincere those words were. His understood how much I’d driven around to allow him to attend events, and without question, he was truly grateful.Instead of taking for granted the sacrifice of a parent, this child had now reached a point of maturity to be able to see the big picture and empathize with the efforts of another.

There was my son, but no longer was my baby boy. Life was now taking him down diverse paths, and he was more than ready for the new adventures. As the streams of tears somehow made their way down my cheeks, I was reminded of just how fast these treasures we’ve been given as parents grow up, and the need we have to cherish each moment with them now, as the opportunities are still there.

His ready with his green pants ! His almost 13 !

BFF !! unconditionally friendship ...

Its pretty long! Very long .. and finally I met him . It sound wooo .. or wooooww .. or whatever . But I met him in a proper dinner . Unconditionally friendship i guess.. :p
I like him once upon a time . A guys who always bare with me . Who always make me laugh during my bad day.. A guys who always make me think twice when I do things... Nope ! he's not just my boyfriend but its real friendship ~ unconditionally !
We had a talk and is all about me , and he is the same person . The only things I can see from his eyes is his getting matured and his no more mama's baby ..
what a friend for , anway?
I falls in when I dunno why it happen ..It is especially unfortunate, then, that most of us have no idea what unconditional really is.. It should be because I like him as a friend. What attracted me to him in the first place, is probably still there. He may still be the coolest person in my life journey, that reads the same things I read and enjoys talking about anything. He may still be the guy with the best sense of humor, that's happy to go to... Attached at the hip since we work together, we often joke that his and I go back like Atari. He is my walking diary. Hell, he was the first guy I fall in too without reason.He consoles me when I’m sad or hurt. He already knows everything. When something awesome or awful happens in my life I immediately I call him right after .What I wish this memory called just a path of life . Hoping no one hurts and let the feeling guide us the right direction .

Friday, October 28, 2011

Paris Alone ~

It is a real cliche but Paris took my breath away.
Obviously not a first time , but it was a first time without the kebaya on .
It was indeed the most romantic city albeit the highly recommended. Consider a part time traveler, this city was just perfect to share. It also was not bad being in a highly gastronomic city.
I recommend for travelers to walk around Montmartre at 4am to have a taste of freshly baked croissants and made-lines at the boulangerie close to the Abesses Metro. It was heaven! Just perfect! Mayb  -
p/s : Today I hate macarons ; i don't like the taste anymore!! Bagi yang gula itu pahit , sepahit sebuah kenangan ! 
I have left you for more than three years and half already. And today I am not sure what is driving me to write something on you. Well,  a lot of things has changed.
Looking to this picture it look like I'm alright yea but deep inside is really killing me .

I have just found out that Paris is not a city that you think it is. French people are not friendly, not only that, they are arrogant, snobby ; is exactly like you...( You left me like that !)

I remembered, I'm looking forward to visit Paris with you but I'm sure out of no reason you didn't turn up!
And I so proud cause I had continue the journey alone !
You have break up the rules babe !

I don't know what has drive me to write it today ,  The memories 9 years back is still unchanged ! Although when u have decided to leave me like that. You lansung tak bagitahu kenapa , dan Ill take as good .
After all we know our border line !

But the feeling being alone without my best friend make me turn up to different person today.
Take chances.
Tell the truth.
Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no.
Spend all your cash! Fall in love.
Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you.
Sing out loud. Laugh at a stupid joke.
Get revenge.
Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell the asshole what you feel. Let someone know what they're missing.
Laugh til your stomach hurts. LIVE LIFE! 
hep hep hooray!!

ps: Tak mungkin aku jumpa lagi sahabat macam kau , tapi layak ke kau digelar sahabat , after all you done ? You screw thing babe !

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ohh daisy .. ek ?

Kelakar pun ada .. tapi after having lunch at Fullhouse tadi teringin nak gubah bunga sendiri .. p Festival City ada Kaison .. apo lagi terus beli..
Never like the flower pun sebelum ni. Tak suka sangat .. rumah pun cam coboy je, mana ada deco deco ala ala english ni .. tetiba plak . Kata my friend "faktor umur tu .. " hahhahaa.. inilah hasilnya .. :-

Inilah hasil gubahan pertama dari saya .. adoooiii camne leh terjebak ni ...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rindunya London !!!

Ya ampun , rindunya tetiba .. rindu nya kensington street. Rindu pada ibu jamilah . I lost her number ! Rindu nya pada kenangan ... Rindu pada bus N28/N31 which is very punctual.
We wake up on that morning after arrival we notice its --12C .. unbelievable. The trip was superb when we both decided to fly to London and we pack stuff and just go !
Lepak ngan ibu jamilah and introducing mamat itam tu buat I senyum sorang sorang. Ibu Jamilah macam nujum pak belalang .. kalau I can contacted ibu lagi , I nak cerita macam macam dengan dia .. Apa yang ibu cakap semuanya salah .. heheh .. Dongeng semata samata ..  
I missed also having coffee at Pret a Manger inside the station arcade and a Boots and Marks and Spencers if you need to grab a sandwich or a drink on your way to underground.

Tapi yang paling rindu yang amat pada Camden Town, Its in North of London  . Rindu the fresh orange yang cost me for £2. lazat nyaa .. Tambah tambah lagi when walking in the open air , baju dah macam balloon ! Bila rindu tempat camni sure orang kaitkan i rindu mamat itam itu . Rindu laa jugak , tapi xde lebih lebih .. Rindu biasa biasa je . Rindu lagi London . Apa bestnya london ek ? Biasa je , tetiba masa tengah tulis blog ni saya teringat nostalgia di London . Teringat the short term relationship .. opsss .. Ishhh bunyi cam one night stand . Hell No ! Lagi best travel happy happy dari relationship yang end up is nowhere ...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fasha Sanda ... chomel kan ?

We been talking about her from the first date. I remembered we watched her acting few years back ... I remember when farahdina told me that;
"mummy kalau dapat baby girl sure papa letak nama fasha delaila.." I love the name of delaila and my hubby so much insane towards fasha sandha.  He always said when he saw Fasha on screen "she's pretty!"
When me & LR called my hubby to take a picture with his favorite artist he was quite shocked and stunt and Fasha was sporting enough.. first time I saw Farok was really shy! there is no word come out from his mouth .. Funny isn't it ? :p
We were taking this picture when she's on the set of acting in cinta elysa .. Honestly the story that I heard in news paper a week right after we met about fasha and Johan make me not believe in that gossssip again.. As my hubby always said nama pun gossip ...
Gossip gossip ..
I tak minat Fasha.. Hell No ! cuma I kesian kan dia bila the story come out like that in the news paper. For what ever I saw and what she have is so perfect. What else she looking at now ? Came to set with a good car and personal driver cum body guard.. what else ?
For Fasha , honestly u look great on that day. Without your make up on you look so perfect.. All the best to you !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

'cause that's what friends Are supposed to do...

I miss talking to you babe ... I seem lost when i got fight again with myself... And when i look beside me you seem gone! U have promises me that what ever happen in our life is ; we will be forever friend right ! Right ...

I miss u badly , i write in fbs , i tried to smsing you .. And i try to call you ..

If u ever read my blog .. I dedicate this song for u !

Count On Me Lyrics

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will remind you

Find out what we're made of
What we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry
I'll never let go, never say goodbye

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh

You can count on me 'cause I can count on you

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~Raya ! Raya ! Raya!~

Kita menyambut suasana kegembiraan musim hari raya sampai keakhir bulan Syawal. Didalam musim-musim kegembiraan hari raya ini ada juga yang berdukacita. Terutama mereka yang telah kehilangan sanak saudara yang terdekat, seperti yang berlaku keatas pemberita TV Bernama. Alfatihah, dan takziah kepada kaum kerabat beliau.

Cerita hariraya ini berlainan sedikit. Saya ingin mengupas keatas perkembangan atau kemodenan kaum Melayu didalam mereka menghadapi cabaran menjalani sebuah kehidupan berkeluarga.

Saya sendiri tidak pasti apakah perkembangan itu tapi yang pasti setiap tahun perayaan ini disambut dengan cara yang berbeza.Masih saya ingat ketika zaman sebelum mendirikan rumah tangga , jarang diberi peluang untuk meraikan bersama keluarga , sangkaan saya meleset. Saya ingatkan bila mendirikan rumah tangga saya pasti dapat merayakan perayaan itu bersama ibu dan bapa , adik adik dan pastinya bersama suami.

Jika ditanya apakah perasaan raya itu , sebenarnya ianya muzakarah , berkumpul bersama tapi semakin hari kehidupan ini lebih terdedah dengan mana perayaan itu disambut dengan bercuti bersama keluarga bukanlah perayaan itu satu sedekah.
Saya bukan menunding jari sekadar berkongsi kelemahan yang ada pada diri.

Doa saya untuk tahun hadapan , kalau ini sudah dicaturkan oleh yang Esa , saya mohon dan berdoa agar raya saya di makkah almukarramah ~ Insya allah

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jumaat al barakah ...

Dingin dan masih mengantuk tapi ku gagahi jua perjalanan pagi ini...
I don't know how to start but since I log in into my pc , i did not managed to do my job! Its all about the email that I had received today morning .. Not one .. But a few from different sender .. Although it was forwarding email... Tapi method nya sama di perbincangkan ...

nauzubillah min zalik! Terlalu ramai umat Muhamad terpesong akidah.. Aku insan yang kerdil cuma ingin mendapat syafaat nur nya dengan by my writing ... Moga pahala itu dapat dikongsikan bersama ...

Hati saya merintih ! Pedih bila baca kisah aishah bukhairi , anak melayu yang beragama islam memohon haknya sebagai menukar agama . Mungkin saya bukan alim , tapi bukan juga naif untuk menilai ... Saya search thru google and i got the info .. Masya allah ...
Anak yang dilahirkan dari seorang ayah nya adalah imam ! Bukan tu saja , anak yang dibesarkan dengan didikan mengenal allah , boleh mengatakan ayahnya mengurungnya .. Memaksanya .. Apakah kebebasan yang dicari, masya allah ... Betapa luluh hati seorang ayah , sedangkan kita anak kita menjawab hati terdetik inikan pula dituduh sedemikian rupa ...

Apa yang sangat ralat , bila undang undang itu rapuh ... Bila undang undang itu punyai banyak pilihan ... Saya baca juga kes Hartina haji kamarudin atau nama hindunya Nivasni Rajeswari.

Saya turut baca kisah Tun Salleh Abbas.. Masya allah.. Harga yang dibayar olehnya hanya allah yang dapat membalasnya ...

Sama samalah kita berdoa , panjatkan kesyukuran padanya moga kita terselamat dari fitnah ahkir zaman...

P/s: bila baca .. Try to seach nama nama di atas .. Pahami .. Maybe boleh olah dan put in ur ur blogs ... Sama sama kita ingat mengingati ... Sayangkan agama kita .. Insya allah

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wanita itu ...

I just finished watching the theater at malaymovie. Ntah kenapa tertarik to write kisah wanita ini ... Saya tidak mengenali but I remembered that I watched the documentary when I was in amsterdam "The Time Just Stool Still  dan Mansor Adabi turut dijemput diwawancara dalam documentary itu.

Natrah atau nama sebenarnya Maria Bertha Wolkenfelt seorang rakyat belanda yang di jaga keluarga angkat di Kemaman. Saya sendiri tidak pernah membaca atau terbaca atau dicerita kan mengenai wanita bernama Natrah sehingga melihat sendiri wawancara di TV Belanda. Masih ingat lagi saya bersama sama teman teman melihat wawancara itu, terdetik di akal fikiran kiranya ada movie atau cerita mengenainya saya ingin mengetahui.

Saya ingat bila saya bertanya pada abah , dia menyuruh saya bertanya pada arwah atuk ; Haji Jaafar Yunus sebab dulu atuk keje sebagai kastam di Chukai, Kemaman. He not reviled that much. Dia cuma cakap ada pertumpahan darah kerana marah sangat orang pada bangsa asing kerana memurtadkan Natrah. yang mana ummat Islam Tanah Melayu membuat rapat umum di Singapura dihadiri lebih 2,000 orang, yang mengakibatkan kematian  mempertahankan akidah seorang muslimah ...
Natrah tidak asing kepada mereka yang cintakan Islam bukan saja di negara ini bahkan umat Islam di seluruh dunia juga. Tragedi yang menimpa dirinya dan juga gara-garanya menjadi lambang kepada betapa pengorbanan umat Islam dalam membela agamanya terlalu tinggi dan luhur. Umat Islam bukan saja sanggup melakukan apa saja memperjudikan darah untuk menjaga kesucian agamanya sanggup digadai..Allahhuakbar!

Dan , lepas beberapa tahun saya dengar ada theater Natrah di IB, I'm so excited to go unfortunately the ticket has been sold very fast. And I remembered when I asked few friend to come along they never heard about Natrah. Mungkin saya bertuah kerana melihat documentary itu.. Itu pun kerana wawancara Cikgu Mansor seoarang melayu yang buat saya tertarik ingin tahu.Thank you kak Emma  , finally my imagination come true ... probably sebab is in dutch without the subtitle .. hehhe

Irioni nya ... jiwa saya tersentuh , dan saya pasti Natrah saat dan ketika itu menyayangi  ibu aminah . Walaupun tiada kebenaran hakiki diolog itu adalah benar . Namun saya diterapkan dengan derita wanita ini . Ditinggalkan ibu ketika zaman jepun , dikahwini atas dasar cinta pada usia 13tahun dan dilarikan kembali ke pangkuan keluarga yang beragama katolik sedangkan dibesarkan dan mengucap kalimah syahadah dengan lancar ! Allahu akbar!Mungkin juga perasaan sebak dan terharu akan memenuhi diri apabila mengenangkan nasib dan liku-liku kehidupan yang pernah ditempohi Natrah yang begitu sulit, tragis dan menyedihkan.
Sebenarnya perjalanan Natrah atas dunia ini sungguh mencabar peribadinya dan tidak terungkap oleh sesiapa pun secara hakiki.Entah bagaimana perasaan sebenar wanita ini. Deritanya amat panjang . Melahirkan zuriat yang ramai- sepuluh orang . Cerita nya berada didinding akhbar dia juga dikatakan ingin membunuh suaminya sendiri. Wallahualam bi shawab.
Tragedi yang berlaku di sebalik pencaroba dilalui Natrah adalah satu simbol dan papan tanda sejarah untuk umat Islam negara ini  yang mungkin sengaja dicetuskan Tuhan dengan tujuan-tujuannya yang harus ditafsirkan dengan makrifah mendalam. Saya sendiri tidak paham kenapa tiada yang perkatakan tentang wujudnya wanita bernama Natrah. Tidak diterapkan dalam pelajaran mengenali pejuang masa sekolah dulu .. even I'm sure some of us masih tidak tahu siapakah Natrah... Mungkin kerana sejarah itu milik Singapura , tetapi bukankah islam itu tiada sempadan? Tiada negeri , Tiada color membezakan ? Wallahualam bi shawab..

Di tahun 2009, tatkala Natrah kembali kepada Allah yang berita murtad bukan lagi berita yang menggemparkan.Selepas dia dilarikan , cerita itu lenyap.. Mungkin impact besar pada ketika kejadian tetapi selepas setahun tiada yang cuba mencarinya (Natrah) kembali. Saya bukan prujudice tetapi tiada fakta mengatakan bahawa usaha dilaksanakan walaupun saat itu Natrah sudah pulang ke negara asal. Mungkin ketika itu , islam tidak sekuat sekarang atau teknologi yang ada membuatkan islam itu maju.. Maaf itu cuma ideologist saya yang mungkin salah. Hatta ingin selitkan kalau kalau kita lupa cerita Raja Bahrin yang mempertahan agama anak anaknya , hingga sanggup jadi buruan pihak berkuasa Australia...Usahkan mahu memandang dengan sebelah mata, kewajaran murtad pula mahu dipertahankan!

Ketika umat Islam terbebas daripada penjajah British dan menjadi pemerintah di bumi sendiri, jiwa mereka yang pernah merdeka itu hakikatnya kembali terjajah terpenjara hingga tiada lagi suara yang membela , kerana Natrah meninggalkan kita dengan nama "Maria Bertha Hertogh" - Wallahualam bi shawab

Iftar ..burpppp

Rindu gila pada bonda, apatah lagi pada nenda yang banyak simpan kisah duka ... Tapi marah pada daddy masih ada .. Bukan apa lewat usianya something shouldn't be happen .. Happen ... Tapi bila ramadhan datang lagi .. Jiwa kecik ini tersentuh.. I miss them badly. I remembered i did called mom and she said proceed without them ...

Seingat aku , this is my first time gathered without our parents along .. As usual my handbeg always be myside.. Susah senang , tatkala marah or gembira ... They both also banyak simpan kisah duka mommy di perantauan ye tak ...

“Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserved; it is life's undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room, from which we go forth to more careful and guarded intercourse, leaving behind...cast-off and everyday clothing.”~ Harriet Beecher

We had a good time for iftar @ The Zon Residence . Good momment to be call classic one day ... To remember how we actually need each other ..

Honestly it was our first time together, dulu tak kesempatan .. Tambahan pula bila ada yang free ada yang cant make it .. Atau kita masih jahil untuk mengerti keindahan ramadhan ?
Ramadhan is something special walaupun aku sendiri masih belum terlalu bersatu untuk itu..

Percayalah ... Welcoming ramadhan is the best moment that i never felt before.Masya allah! Terima kasih Allah , hambamu ini terlalu taksub keindahan duniawi hingga lupa akan yang fardu.. Keindahan nya yang terlalu abstrack yang tak ternilai dengan hanya berpuasa tanpa mengerti mengapa ianya menjadi rukun islam Islam ketiga..

Ramadhan is a very important part of every Muslim’s life. Ramadhan is the month of giving and mercy, and during this month Allah blesses the believers with forgiveness and great reward.

This is a time to stop and contemplate, to look inwards and out, it is a time to set our goals. We should ask ourselves what we want to achieve this month, -something we will carry into our futures...
Keinsafan itu datang dari hati , bukan dibuat buat dengan kata-kata ...

For mom and dad we will see u both during raya , insya allah ...

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