Friday, November 30, 2012

A month here @ Daerah Palma

I have clocked a month here. The place that I have born , as place I grew up those days.

Lama  sangat I did not visiting my own blog. Busy , rushing north to east , west to south ahkirnya dah sebulan di bandar palma ini . 
Saya juga sudah tidak lagi dengan Octopus  . Baru saje memulakan langkah baru dengan company yang baru . 

Sebulan di sini macam baru semalam. Its really fast than I tot . Never had sense of regret also . Tak terasa sangat yang saya di bumi yang lain . Maybe because a new port folio that Im doing now till I gotta no time for my self. No shopping , No loitering , No TC , No eat outside .. Most of it I cuma di tempat keje and home - the paradise .

Insya allah we will meet again ya ..  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tak mudah ~

I'm coming home , with all the hiccups and obstacles finally I'm back to my hometown. 
Takda benda yang paling happy walaupun Im sure keadaan akan bertambah lagi payah . After leaving my routine for two week , my life like an empty box and I keep asking my self I am doing things correct ? Tinggalkan anak , good friend , harta yang tak seberapa di Kuala Lumpur and its definitely a lot to catch up for my coming back.Arggggg ! 
Kosong - I dun know how you feel but seriously I felt bad !

All my weekend has been utilized like an jet star coming up to KL and back to Kuantan on weekdays. The decisions on my children to follow me back are still tentatively .. Its hard but its left me no choice.

I was going through the moment that I don't really like to face it. 

As I mentioned I felt like live in the box , food been feed by my parents but the routine that I have done for almost four years seems it over . But after all ; this is the things that I have make up my mind . I Finally made a decision. I don't care. That's right. I said it to my self. I'm open about it . No fears of judgement, may be a little , but its cool.

As soon I set my self free from pressure of being as good as others , like an instruction , like an being control by panel .. I felt free .I think I have a lot to tell and basically I'm finally at my hometown. Meet my amazing old friends , new friends , new neighborhood ,new colleague and new office environment It takes time for me to adapt but I'm sure I can. Hence they drop by , bought some fabulous new dresses and we went to other friend house ate the selection of cake ( felt like having in bakery shop) that made by my dearest friend who love to baked , either way then I cannot say I regret it. Altho we were apart at one time but now I felt very closed.

So I'm going to try to keep up the challenge of actually doing this for my own sake. Honestly without sharing , I just feel like I go insane .. ( LOL)

I hope I would be able to adapt with the kind of family oriented environments whereby every weekend you can see everybody having potluck stuff and gathering things with family members.

The parenthood just started here ,It will be a good start I can feel it . Good luck Sayang , I need to past the battle back to you .

Thanks Allah . Insya allah you gonna be okay  . xo

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kembara Spritual

Those who know me surely shock on the changes . Hopefully its kekal macam mana the 14days its intact with me . I got surprised too with the changes . I am stubborn lives with my principle bahawa Islam tidak ada paksaan. Perubahan kena ikhlas dan sebenarnya tidak !! Tapi lagi banyak I belajar lagi banyak I paham apa tu "paksa" dalam islam.
From notty girl , notty mommy and easy going chick I'll surprise with this migration! I mula takut buat salah. I mula takut tidak jujur and I jadi sangat penakut! Jujurnya, most everyday I kept asking myself betul ke I buat ni .. kekal ke macam ni . Doakan untuk saya .. Kalau sayang saya , hargai saya sebagai teman please prays for my hijrah to be kekal macam ini .
I've since Kaabah once , but this time the impact subhanallah. Tak dapek nak tulis kat note ni . Its beautiful feeling and kami pergi dengan hajat. Moga hajat itu tercapai.. Niat kami baik , moga Allah tunaikan hajat kami . Kami memohon ini adalah kembara spiritual dan semua orang berhak menerima hidayah!
I really scared if i might lose a friendship because this migration but I am sure that Allah with me and I have those still prays for my best.Ada juga suara sumbang yang kenal my past talked about my changes and said I hanya nak show off.. Kalau berbuat baik tidak payah la nak show off . I am not show off , I just share the feelings .. that is all . Dosa paling saya takut "memfitnah" dan saya rasa zaman kejahilan saya dulu sekalipun I dont do that. I love my freinds so much. I am a person who really appreciate on friendship tapi bila ada kawan sendiri yang pertikaikan perubahan saya , saya sangat sedih. Bila gelak mengomen my pages , yang bila tengok saya berhijab bkata yang bukan bukan saya rasa down sangat , Kadang kadang ada rasa nak close FB ini. As I said earlier saya jadi sangat penakut. Saya cepat cuak , saya cepat terasa. OH my ! Tapi saya sangat pasti ada hikmahnya dengan cacian tersebut. Itu bukan kawan saya rasa. Kawan ada lah orang yang paling gembira melihat perubahan kawannya. Bila ada yang kata , tidak mudah untuk kekal bertudung kerana saya bukan orang yang baik dan berhijab sebelum ini saya rasa sedih sangat. Saya gembira dengan perubahan saya dan saya tidak sikit mencaci orang yang masih seperti saya seperti dulu. Semua orang akan terima hidayah itu insya allah. Moga perubahan saya seiring dengan perbuatan. Menjaga lima rukun hendaknya.
Semua orang ada hak berubah, paksa la kalau perlu . I have attended the tazkirah and meleleh air mata degil ini mengenang antara 7 dosa besar yang pernah saya buat. Moga Allah masih menerima saya . Dan bersyukur dengan perubahan ini...
Saya masih da same person . Boleh lepak tengok wayang , or lepak kat Starbucks .Saya masih orang yang sama cuma the principle life slightly changed .
Those who loves me , prays for my migration to be permanently . Every second a process of learning.
Again doakan saya untuk kekal begini .Ajal , maut pertemuan di tangan Allah . Walaupun apa jadi sekalipun saya pasti Alalh with me. Wallahualam

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well honestly its freaking out . Jiwa I sendiri kinda takut dengan bayang bayang . I dunno what is went wrong , perhaps the strength that he has give it to me will lead me to find the soul that I really looking into it.

I dunno if you does , but that is happen to me . Feel better to be alone. Moving ahead to setting up the first step. Its look easier but actually NOT! hell not easy .

I keep asking my self .. Am I demanding ? Or this is the real situation after so long. Even when we are living in complete denial about it.

Ya allah .. lead me to be better person .

Friday, April 20, 2012

Saya Saya dan Saya...

Honestly this is not that easy . Shocking , terrible feeling at own house and so on.

Lama saya tak visit awak kat sini. Saya busy sangat. It just a week on leave tapi everything kena catch up. Penat .
My feeling is all here ; you are my great friend . Thanks for all the wishes , sekarang saya okay .. insya allah I will share things with uols after this ...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ujian itu ...

Sometimes we forget to test God could come at any time. Sometimes God intentionally sent down calamities. because he wanted to test his servant..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nasi goreng cina bungkus daun pisang! yummy

I have grown up in many parts of the world,  I have eaten many cuisines of the world . The Roti Canai, Chicken Curry Noodle and many other dishes are very good. And we more to Chinese cuisine because we not keen to chilies and hots stuff The spices are like medicine to the soul..

The food is simply delightful

I will recommend this place to everybody Stulang Laut. Near to The Zone Hotel in Stulang, Johor. Don't judge it by its location or set-up, but it's amazing, spicy, aromatic, fresh and delicious food.

This place is super small, located on a main street surrounded by other food establishments. It gets lost amongst all the other things in the area, but give it a try. It's a hidden food treasure.

It's a night store .
p/s : One thing is for sure: I wouldn't take anyone there to impress them - it's a little bit dingy (I'm being generous) - and the restaurant is, quite literally, a hole in the ground.  The food was inexpensive and very tasty but  the service was is SUCKS! really sucks , but we don't care . We love the food and if u keen to blend my note ; I'm sure you would not expect much !

Monday, April 2, 2012

Exploded in Lee Garden Plaza Hatyai, Thailand

Its fresh from oven ! Been there few times ; and when people asked why you choose Hatyai to bring your family honestly I got No answer for that!..
As a Muslim I believed in qada dan qadar from Allah and travel all over the place I but but this time this experienced may not good as my eyes was seeing it to compare to my writing .
The view from my room
Things happen in second. We heard the exploded and we saw the glass broke. Its like a water float come after you. But actually it just and feeling . And I heard my hubby scream and to run and keep saying go! go ! go !

We stayed at Regency Hotel which located less 100 meter from the Lee Garden Plaza . But when things happen we were at Swassdee Massage which located 50meter from the McDonald ( on the left of hotel ).
It was a shocking, terrible scene. There was blood splattered everywhere. I was really in disbelief, in shock. I have never seen so many people laying on the road same time. All these bodies were there and there is baby too and what I heard people were screaming the same question over and over: "Is it a bomb? Is it a bomb?"
We call few friend to export us out. The authority has block the exit. We were stuck in hotel. There is tear in hubby's eyes and children is freaking out..
As I said the experienced this time it so hard to explained but I've some picture for you to understand the feelings been there and saw the real exploded in front of eyes and I was thankful to God cause giving us a chance to be with the love one..

When we received a phone call by Mus a guy that was with us in the lobby when exploded happen told that we safe to walk cause its actually a gas leak , then went for makan outside . He so kind teman us makan , get us a tut tut ..

At 7pm we went out after received the what's app saying is not a bomb from our friends and relatives . So we walk to Mr Hans boutique cause we need to know how we going to exit tomorrow from Hatyai . 
ni kami masa explosion happen!! When oat jerit run.. I x sempat amek gambar pun.. Cuakk.. Kesian anak anak.. But I'm sure they are okay now.. We are leaving hatyai now with thousand over dollar baht still .. ;( .. Walaupun ada yg kata it's happen because of pipe gas or may be car bomb .

yet .. Jiwa kami x kuat.. We need to leave by today.. 
p/s: When I wrote this ; police Thai confirmed its a car bomb . We are safe back home.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Terukir di bintang giteww

To most of the peoples FRIENDSHIP is much like a human companionship. They often feel the friends annoying and believe they can live without a friend. I am not talking here about relatives or partner but a person termed simply "a friend". But they sometimes forget that this human companionship as they think is friendship is of very much importance.........

Its depend on intensiti persahabatan .. what is friendship to us at first place..

Of course the first thing that would come in our mind is the question entitled the section.
Once one friend of mine said that friendship is a pact made between two people to help, to share, to respect and to trust each other through rest of the life. This is somewhat a technical illustration of friendship but it encompasses a deep meaning which designate you as a friend in someones life ...

We our selves yang dapat rasakan kehangatan persahabatan is syarat yang mencukupi untuk memenuhi maksud itu.. "friendship" or i like to be called as
companionship.. ( As i said earlier we the one who determine that frinedship tu kan )

Berkawan, keluar dengan mereka dan melihat sendiri. Menikmati kehidupan.. therefore you know who is your real friend is ... 

p/s: Jika engkau minta intan permata ,Tak mungkin ku mampu .Tapi sayangkan ku capai bintang , Dari langit untukmu.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Congratulation for both of u ~ Oshen & Musz

I wish you that quarrel, misunderstanding and misfortune will never ever touch you. Have a long and happy life together!

10 yrs would be too short to call as a lifetime relationship,but we are around mid 30's and shared half of the life span.The best of those memories flash across when I scribble down this post. We devise crazy schemes, talk ultimate non sense, laugh at ourselves & others, fight on who looks older and would tolerate each other sing for hours..

p/s: May you always feel as close as you do this day. May your lives be graced with good health. May you always find happiness in your home, and may it be a refuge from the storms of life. May your love grow ever stronger as you share your lives together, and may your future be even more wonderful than you dreamed possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

asam masin lima puluh sen !

Looking into his eyes , I'm sure his freaking stone ! :p 

One of these is a guy who knows that I've liked him for a couple of years. He's my best friend in the world, and we used to be able to talk for hours on end about nothing at all. Recently, though, it feels like we've been growing apart. For one, his girlfriend seems to be getting between us.
My guess is that not only is he aware on my feelings for him but so is his girlfriend---which would make it difficult for him to maintain the same close friendship he has had with me in the past. but I feel like I can't say anything or do anything around her lest I make things more uncomfortable. And finally friendship thing's over.
We don't talk for more than a couple of month and he come back .

After all we had been contacted again.We keep in touch; we have long silences. Our life paths are so different (when we met and now) yet we can still relate to each other. Conversations where we never said a word out loud; shared darkest secrets, lowest points, highest joys. Not always honest (I’ve self-censured as I’m sure he has), but always sincere. I’ll send a crazy card or email; he’ll make a phone call. We have relied on each other in the past; I’m relying on him again..

I don't wanna loose him because one thing's sure he never take me for granted.. And i know why I like him so much ! I'm sure he actually sort of kinda good heart that makes I find much comfortable to be with !

For god sake ! I love the way he treat me . And I can talk about anything .. anything .. Don't be a choc fudge again because if u does ; U wont not able see your lovely lulu and kuku friend again and I swear !

I like you , I like your smile , I like to see your eyes and who cares anyway; we both are best friend !

p/s: Having feeling toward you not like I wanna marry you . I just want you to be around when I need and I will lend my shoulder for you when needed.. If I ever makes U confuse on this friendship I am so sorry. But I wanna you to know that please be next to me no matter what ! muahhh

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Penat tunggu kak long ! @ Tanah Abang
Body was tiring . Flue has came to say hello. Headache ! Package i received soon after we arrive in Aryaduta Semanggi .
Well if u asked me about the hotel ; honestly the service is sucks! I dint know if that hotel not having enough bellman to assist a guest..No extra towel , No this , and ... so many No . If happen I visiting Jakarta again I am sure not coming back to that hotel. Probably that is service apartment not as good as staying in Ibis ..
ICT mangga dua

Dinning @ Planet Hollywood

p/s : Bonda cakap dari kecik I memang tak synonym dengan Jakarta... Setiap kali ke Jakarta I surely meragam , dulu masa buat flight jakarta tak pernah MC pun .. after all I fallen sick again in Jakarta .. Weather wise and I think I tak cukup vitamin kot ~p

Friday, March 9, 2012

BANDUNGan ~ everywhere is dollar sign~

 Bandung, Kota Bunga, ibukota wilayah Jawa Barat dan Indonesia bandar ketiga terbesar. Dikenali di zaman penjajah sebagai Paris Jawa kerana suasana Eropah dan kecanggihan, Bandung saham dengan Miami warisan denda seni bina Deco Tropika sejak dari tahun 1920-an.

p/s :Groups of night stalls located in the corner near to army based who really makes our day! The famous bakso we had tried and its supperlicious . It cost us less 5000rp its makes our stomach full !

Thursday, March 8, 2012

rindu kamoo!

There's a story behind every person , there's are reason why they're the way they're are. They're aren't just like that because they want to. Something the past created them and sometimes it's IMPOSSIBLE to fix them.. halaluyaaaaa ..

p/s: Sometimes, you look up and realize that you were falling by yourself, the object of your desire still on the plane, not interested in jumping and watching you descend into that scary place alone..

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