Saturday, October 9, 2010

Singapore via bus

It was 7.45 in the morning as I pulled myself up lazily from my warm and cozy bed. Today is the day where I would start our 3days vacation in Singapore. I have to make sure my kiddos take a bath and my maid doing our breakfast.
I went to do the final checking of my luggage.My hubby already put all the stuff into the car. Abah wills sent us to Maya hotel , which the coach are waiting for us.

very expensive~
Wow talking about the coach there will food inside the coach. Macam naik flight . 
Ini request from Imran , nak naik bus . 

It take us almost six hour to Reach harbor front in Singapore. From the port we able to Universal Studio , that was the main purpose why we choose Singapore in this trips..

Since that its skool holidays and Orchard road hotels all fully booked. We decided to choose hotel somewhere near to MRT and finally we booked Albert Court Village in Little India.

Albert Court
By 3.00 pm, rain was getting smaller and smaller. It was time to explore another area in Singapore. Since it was getting late, We have decided to visit somewhere nearby. I looked through the map and chose to have our lunch at Litle India Mall. It was a short ride to Orchard Road using the MRT. My heart was beating with excitement as soon I'll be amazed at one of the largest and the most beautiful shopping places during sales.

We went on 2nd day . Ticket already purchased .
Takleh nak compare USS @ LA or Paris  
My children's are well behave and their so happy .
Diorang tak banyak hal , cuma penat la skit . 
We tried almost all the segment that offer us on that day . The weather are supper hot.

We have spent whole day till late evening. We took MRT back to the hotel. Then we called mcdonald to sent our meal.
So we had a lovely trip, loved the hotel and will go again.
On 3rd day we went to Orchard Rd for last minute shopping before we our departure at 3pm.
The children is happy and we had safe journey back home ~~
Travel by bus 
Kl - Singpore - KL : RM800 return ( 2 A & 3 C)
Daily pass bus / train : SIN 8.00 per pax
USS : RM 175 per pax
Makan : RM70 per pax
Hotel : RM 2000 for 3 night night . 


Friday, October 8, 2010

Lamanya menyepi....

How to start ? Dah lama sangat I tak menulis... tak jenguk pun my own blogs. Busy with .. I dunno .. but yang I tahu , I was participate creation an event for center..
So im so BZ,BZ,BZ... hahhaha.. what an excuses ..

Started from Bali , then bowling, then now for inter-challenge I find bodoh sangat if I'm not sharing with others...

There's nothing to talk about Bali; because I didn't follow. I just helping the committee to do necessary stuff pertaining to paper work and sort of preparation before arrived. But it's really fun when you knew that they need your help!

I'm trying be recalled .. I think when they were in Bali, I'm living to Krabi with my sista, cousin and my best friend.

Now I remember, I was alone doing everything for 30 pax pertaining the proses flow because my partner went to Europe for two week. kerja macam tak cukup kaki tangan . Then I decided to take leave and bring my kiddos to Universal Studio,Singapore. We have spent for 5days.

Then July came. Not enough to breath I've got an event to create.. we decided to do a bowling tournament.

Then I've got another thing to do which is "Inter Center Challenge "...

Tunggu ek , next post I will story you guys ...

(oh idea , where are you ?)

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