Saturday, May 28, 2016


Certainly .

To me, traveling is just going somewhere, anywhere, whether familiar or new.
Its your call ! It doesn’t matter if it’s the next town over, a new country or a continent on the other side of the world. Terpulang . I just wanna see word !
And I personally don’t think it matters if you’re gone for one day or one year or one decade.

Banyak berjalan luas permadangan . As long as you have even the slightest interest in the destination you’re visiting, and you’re open to learning about the places you visit and about yourself in the process, I think you’re traveling.

It encompasses a great range of experiences, I know, but I personally don’t think the word ‘travel’ warrants a more complicated description.

Budget traveller ke ? I guess I'm not .
Junior still having coke at $1 every 3 hours .
Cuma I just wanna tell her , traveling make you meet a lot of people .
Their culture .
Their food .
Eat what local people eat .

Ah apa apapun , masih sama .
Travel - spend .
But that is the way I find my satisfaction in life ..

Friday, May 20, 2016


Nervous .

Eleanor & Park .
Rindu .

Me before you . Damn ! Pick up line !

Looking at the blue signal . Yup the message's in !
Jangan lupa asal .
Anak kat rumah nangis .
Suami nak balik makan !

ps : Tengok jam 12 malam ~ mimpi lagi .

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tutty Fruity

Kaki ini cuma jalannya lurus .
Berhenti bila perlu .

Resah hati .
Ah it just temporary !

Lirik mata itu .

Aku kalah .

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