Friday, October 28, 2011

Paris Alone ~

It is a real cliche but Paris took my breath away.
Obviously not a first time , but it was a first time without the kebaya on .
It was indeed the most romantic city albeit the highly recommended. Consider a part time traveler, this city was just perfect to share. It also was not bad being in a highly gastronomic city.
I recommend for travelers to walk around Montmartre at 4am to have a taste of freshly baked croissants and made-lines at the boulangerie close to the Abesses Metro. It was heaven! Just perfect! Mayb  -
p/s : Today I hate macarons ; i don't like the taste anymore!! Bagi yang gula itu pahit , sepahit sebuah kenangan ! 
I have left you for more than three years and half already. And today I am not sure what is driving me to write something on you. Well,  a lot of things has changed.
Looking to this picture it look like I'm alright yea but deep inside is really killing me .

I have just found out that Paris is not a city that you think it is. French people are not friendly, not only that, they are arrogant, snobby ; is exactly like you...( You left me like that !)

I remembered, I'm looking forward to visit Paris with you but I'm sure out of no reason you didn't turn up!
And I so proud cause I had continue the journey alone !
You have break up the rules babe !

I don't know what has drive me to write it today ,  The memories 9 years back is still unchanged ! Although when u have decided to leave me like that. You lansung tak bagitahu kenapa , dan Ill take as good .
After all we know our border line !

But the feeling being alone without my best friend make me turn up to different person today.
Take chances.
Tell the truth.
Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no.
Spend all your cash! Fall in love.
Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you.
Sing out loud. Laugh at a stupid joke.
Get revenge.
Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell the asshole what you feel. Let someone know what they're missing.
Laugh til your stomach hurts. LIVE LIFE! 
hep hep hooray!!

ps: Tak mungkin aku jumpa lagi sahabat macam kau , tapi layak ke kau digelar sahabat , after all you done ? You screw thing babe !

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ohh daisy .. ek ?

Kelakar pun ada .. tapi after having lunch at Fullhouse tadi teringin nak gubah bunga sendiri .. p Festival City ada Kaison .. apo lagi terus beli..
Never like the flower pun sebelum ni. Tak suka sangat .. rumah pun cam coboy je, mana ada deco deco ala ala english ni .. tetiba plak . Kata my friend "faktor umur tu .. " hahhahaa.. inilah hasilnya .. :-

Inilah hasil gubahan pertama dari saya .. adoooiii camne leh terjebak ni ...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rindunya London !!!

Ya ampun , rindunya tetiba .. rindu nya kensington street. Rindu pada ibu jamilah . I lost her number ! Rindu nya pada kenangan ... Rindu pada bus N28/N31 which is very punctual.
We wake up on that morning after arrival we notice its --12C .. unbelievable. The trip was superb when we both decided to fly to London and we pack stuff and just go !
Lepak ngan ibu jamilah and introducing mamat itam tu buat I senyum sorang sorang. Ibu Jamilah macam nujum pak belalang .. kalau I can contacted ibu lagi , I nak cerita macam macam dengan dia .. Apa yang ibu cakap semuanya salah .. heheh .. Dongeng semata samata ..  
I missed also having coffee at Pret a Manger inside the station arcade and a Boots and Marks and Spencers if you need to grab a sandwich or a drink on your way to underground.

Tapi yang paling rindu yang amat pada Camden Town, Its in North of London  . Rindu the fresh orange yang cost me for £2. lazat nyaa .. Tambah tambah lagi when walking in the open air , baju dah macam balloon ! Bila rindu tempat camni sure orang kaitkan i rindu mamat itam itu . Rindu laa jugak , tapi xde lebih lebih .. Rindu biasa biasa je . Rindu lagi London . Apa bestnya london ek ? Biasa je , tetiba masa tengah tulis blog ni saya teringat nostalgia di London . Teringat the short term relationship .. opsss .. Ishhh bunyi cam one night stand . Hell No ! Lagi best travel happy happy dari relationship yang end up is nowhere ...

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