Friday, May 27, 2011

Differences between muffin vs cupcakes?

His smile, his smell , his touch, his eyes things that I thought to forget that keep popping into my mind memories teard apart my days months years and I kept waiting and nothing kept happening...hahahha !!Oppss it's not true ! But what I can remember is "I have forget about the price tags !

Honestly I missed him . Miss his smile .. miss the way he treat me ... ! Its not crap ! I believe that part of growing up and becoming an adult in relationships is knowing when - and how - to let go in a war-of-strong-wills. To get out of that situation - when neither wants to be the first to attempt detente - takes a great deal of emotional maturity and not a small amount of wisdom. I'm not sure that was there. I think it could develop, but it hadn't yet ...Despite all this .. what I know the next day .. I felt sorry what were happen between us.. but for sure I would never lie to him.. I am not capable of giving him what he deserve in a relationship, even an "alternative" relationship, so, we should stop seeing each other. I think he his awesome, but I think it's impossible to be together.

When we no longer have access to the one person we knew inside and out, we tell ourselves that just having a glimpse of their life after us is all we need to move on. Sometimes, when we say that all we want is to know, all we really want is to not have to even think about it.

After all I met him again in very simple occasion that I would never thought to have a great chance to meet him again. He never changed.. but honestly I miss him . In the end, I said the truth, cliche as it may have been— it’s not you it’s me. We sat there awkwardly for a while..

So here I am, an hour later, feeling somewhat like a traitor writing about doing exactly what drives most people to seek refuge on this blog in the first place, but let it be known that no matter what side you’re on, no matter how wrong it all was anyways ~~

I know you always care
You always forgive me
You make sure everything is ok
You always tell me so...
I don't need you next to me
To know that you always around ..
cause I know you do babe ! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Asmara ||| Love

Was talking to a friend and the question came up, what one piece of advice could I give him from this journey?To answer the question with just one idea is very difficult but the one I choose is: We all have the ability to control how we react to any and everything...

It would be easy for me to be angry, to be bitter, to be jealous, and to be in despair. However, I choose to love, to laugh, to live, and to inspire...

Today, I am a total quadriplegic with virtually no movement (take that back...I can chew). The crazy thing is if I went to a doctor for him to evaluate my lungs and diaphragm he would say, "dude, how are you still here!" Well maybe they wouldn't have said dude but it's my words.

Thank God my handbags basically keeps me breathing so that; we can enjoy our love for each other in small peaceful moments.

Thinking about this, the next time you have a bad day remember me and understand how you react - is your choice...

p/s: Understand how you react is your choice ...

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