Friday, April 20, 2012

Saya Saya dan Saya...

Honestly this is not that easy . Shocking , terrible feeling at own house and so on.

Lama saya tak visit awak kat sini. Saya busy sangat. It just a week on leave tapi everything kena catch up. Penat .
My feeling is all here ; you are my great friend . Thanks for all the wishes , sekarang saya okay .. insya allah I will share things with uols after this ...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ujian itu ...

Sometimes we forget to test God could come at any time. Sometimes God intentionally sent down calamities. because he wanted to test his servant..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nasi goreng cina bungkus daun pisang! yummy

I have grown up in many parts of the world,  I have eaten many cuisines of the world . The Roti Canai, Chicken Curry Noodle and many other dishes are very good. And we more to Chinese cuisine because we not keen to chilies and hots stuff The spices are like medicine to the soul..

The food is simply delightful

I will recommend this place to everybody Stulang Laut. Near to The Zone Hotel in Stulang, Johor. Don't judge it by its location or set-up, but it's amazing, spicy, aromatic, fresh and delicious food.

This place is super small, located on a main street surrounded by other food establishments. It gets lost amongst all the other things in the area, but give it a try. It's a hidden food treasure.

It's a night store .
p/s : One thing is for sure: I wouldn't take anyone there to impress them - it's a little bit dingy (I'm being generous) - and the restaurant is, quite literally, a hole in the ground.  The food was inexpensive and very tasty but  the service was is SUCKS! really sucks , but we don't care . We love the food and if u keen to blend my note ; I'm sure you would not expect much !

Monday, April 2, 2012

Exploded in Lee Garden Plaza Hatyai, Thailand

Its fresh from oven ! Been there few times ; and when people asked why you choose Hatyai to bring your family honestly I got No answer for that!..
As a Muslim I believed in qada dan qadar from Allah and travel all over the place I but but this time this experienced may not good as my eyes was seeing it to compare to my writing .
The view from my room
Things happen in second. We heard the exploded and we saw the glass broke. Its like a water float come after you. But actually it just and feeling . And I heard my hubby scream and to run and keep saying go! go ! go !

We stayed at Regency Hotel which located less 100 meter from the Lee Garden Plaza . But when things happen we were at Swassdee Massage which located 50meter from the McDonald ( on the left of hotel ).
It was a shocking, terrible scene. There was blood splattered everywhere. I was really in disbelief, in shock. I have never seen so many people laying on the road same time. All these bodies were there and there is baby too and what I heard people were screaming the same question over and over: "Is it a bomb? Is it a bomb?"
We call few friend to export us out. The authority has block the exit. We were stuck in hotel. There is tear in hubby's eyes and children is freaking out..
As I said the experienced this time it so hard to explained but I've some picture for you to understand the feelings been there and saw the real exploded in front of eyes and I was thankful to God cause giving us a chance to be with the love one..

When we received a phone call by Mus a guy that was with us in the lobby when exploded happen told that we safe to walk cause its actually a gas leak , then went for makan outside . He so kind teman us makan , get us a tut tut ..

At 7pm we went out after received the what's app saying is not a bomb from our friends and relatives . So we walk to Mr Hans boutique cause we need to know how we going to exit tomorrow from Hatyai . 
ni kami masa explosion happen!! When oat jerit run.. I x sempat amek gambar pun.. Cuakk.. Kesian anak anak.. But I'm sure they are okay now.. We are leaving hatyai now with thousand over dollar baht still .. ;( .. Walaupun ada yg kata it's happen because of pipe gas or may be car bomb .

yet .. Jiwa kami x kuat.. We need to leave by today.. 
p/s: When I wrote this ; police Thai confirmed its a car bomb . We are safe back home.

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