Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A day in Ferinze Italy

Tengok gambar Elin tagged I dlm FB , teringat we were on trips to Italy .. Me , my dad and my younger sister on 2005. Syok jugak . I was taught from childhood to know the history in a place that I visited. But things have changed since my husband has never liked heritage and stuff. Yang dia suka beaches beaches N beaches .. ( suka sangat melepak ) Luckily, he also never block when I say I want to go to places that I like.
Try to make coins fall from the mouth of a boar statue into a grille at the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo

Ponte Vecchio Bridge Over the Arno River Florence Italy

ps: Now tunggu Tasha plak bawak saya p Florence Italy .. FYI my dad was staying in Florence for 6 month before his continue his journey to Venice back year 1968.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Table Mountain

Table mountain view from water front , Cape Town
 Yes ! He was behind me . No doubt he always around me . Although his life had meditated on there..
 I took the opportunity to visit Seal Island.

These promontories were key beacons for the early explorers and are the source of many myths and legends.

Jalan-jalan sempit, batu batu bulat dan suasana kuat Islam Bo-Kaap meningkatkan suasana kosmopolitan bandar.. I had very great trips ! xoxo

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ibu alaf baru - ( Tanyalah Ustazah TV9-27/1/2012)

Ibadah kita hari ini - Premier kerana ALLAH s.w.t

Mother of the New Millennium. What is a mother? Mother is those have a children. Regardless it adoption, own children, step children ..

Apa itu alaf baru ? apa beza nya alaf baru tu compare our parents last time ?

Sama saja tetapi cabaran kita berbeza. Alaf kita tak sama dengan cara ibu kita didik kita !
p/s: different challenges and we'll bring the old ways.. Its subconscious mind. We tend to take into account the way our parents taught while a significant age difference, so the old ways can not be adopted anymore.

Bila cabaran berbeza , didikan kita harus juga berbeza. Kita tidak sedar yang kita bawa cara lama untuk didik anak. Kita didik macam mana mak kita didik kita dulu.
p/s : Challenges the distinction, a different approach!

Yang penting kita bawa bekalan spiritual . Macam mana nak dekatkan anak dengan kita .
Apa kekuatan utama yang mesti ada pada ibu untuk menghadapi cabaran anak alaf baru?
(What are the key strengths that must be available at the principal to meet the challenges of the new millennium children)
- Kita kena didik diri kita dulu. Macam mana dengan nak didik diri ? Kita kena dekatkan diri kita dengan Allah swt. Hubungan kita dengan Allah swt. Allah ada segala galanya . (We have to educate ourselves first. How do the students want to? We have to hover ourselves with God. Our relationship with God. God is all things.)

Syurga itu terletak di bawah kaki ibu , adakah ibu punyai hak mutlak untuk menentukan kehidupan anaknya? Children do not like INSTRUCTIONS!
Ingat tak masa zaman remaja dulu ? Kesian anak anak , diroang memberontak dalam hati . So kita kasi anak bagi pendapat . Contahnya magrib kita arah anak untuk sembahyang tapi depa dok syok tengok TV. Kita tanya depa , kul berapa nak mandi ? nak sembahyang? Kita rai pandangan anak anak.

Sebenarnya apa yang anak anak kita buat adalah daripada Allah( bila kita anak anak notty) Allah nak uji kita.
p/s : Kita kena tenang . Ibu selalu lupa . Sabar .
Bila kita sabar kita tenang , bila kita tenang kita waras. Ibu ini emosi nya banyak ..
Kadang kadang bila tak tenang , tak sabar macam macam kita sebut. Jangan teka , sebab it might dimakbulkan Allah. Walaupun tahu anak anak menipu . Tanya dia ( anak anak) sampai dia (anak anak ) bagitahu. Jangan ungkit ; anak anak akan rindu .. dia ( anak anak ) akan bagitahu , insya allah.

Susah sangat dengar kata ibu ...

I was fade up at one time . tapi Its make realize ini adalah anugerah yang tidak ternilai. I about to go for counseling. Kita lupa yang Allah uji kita supaya kita dekat dan minta selalu pada dia. Allah suruh kita sabar. Allah nak kasi kita pahala ( amin )

Kadang kadang kita ( para ibu ) pun too fussy ( macam I selalu nak perfect je ) .. Suka sangat bebel . Anak anak juga perlukan masa untuk berubah . Ini manusia . Bukan kertas ..Bagi diorang ( anak anak ) masa ... Kita doa . Doa kita adalah senjata kita . Insya allah .

Pendekatan untuk anak anak lelaki dan perempuan :-

Anak lelaki :Siapa yang paham suami dia , maksudnya dia paham anak lelaki dia.

Orang lelaki medan dia di luar rumah . Orang lelaki biarkan dia diluar rumah tetapi kita ( ibu ) kena pantau..

Anak perempuan:Macam kita , kena pujuk ..beremosi ..
Kenapa kita dengan sahabat sahabat senang sangat jaga hati , napa dengan anak anak susah sangat jaga hati anak ..

Allah takkan duga kita melebihi kemampuan kita .Fitrah seorang ibu bila anak tak taat kita sedih, tapi ingat satu . Allah nak kita ( ibu) dekatkan dia ( anak anak ) dengan kita . Manusia ni kita banyak belajar daripada kesalahan. Allah bagi kita masalah bila Dia nampak kita lari dari track..

Kalau anak buat sebab dia ( anak) takut itu sebab ada lakonan dalam rumah !

Ibu ada empat category : fizikal , emosi , intelek , spiritual
Mak fizikal : Dia nak anak dia bagi dia hadiah. masa birthday , masa mothers day . Mak yang nak to be acknowledge.
Mak emosi : Nak anak amik hati dia , tapi dia tak pernah amik hati anak..
Mak intelek : Mak yang focus anak pandai belajar ...
Mak spiritual : Tak kisah la apa anak buat pada dia . Ini mak yang tanggung jawab .

p/s : Mengaku kelemahan diri sendiri . Aku adalah seorang anak ; juga seorang ibu. Moga kita sama sama ambil ikhtibar dan berubah untuk kebaikan . Insya allah.

White !

I love this friendship , hopefully no one gonna ruined up .. Give and take kena ada ...
Flamingo Steamboat Danau Kote..
best shoot ! i loikee..
"May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."- Irish Blessing

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuck on it ?

You might think you made the biggest mistake of your life, and if only you didn’t do it you wouldn’t be in pain right now. Don’t go down that road—there’s nothing good down there!
Sebaliknya, selalu mengingatkan diri kita bahawa kita adalah manusia. Kita berhak untuk membuat kesilapan, semua orang pun ... And you will learn from them and use those lessons to improve your life..

p/s : Juga, perlu diingat: jika kita ingin merasa cinta lagi pada masa hadapan, langkah pertama ialah untuk menyediakan diri anda untuk memberi dan menerima. You can only do that if you feel love toward yourself; and that means forgiving yourself.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I dah comfortable keluar rumah without make up. Ada la skit .. light light gituh, kecuali ada occasion . So biasanya after pakai sunblock that's it.. So I terbaca review sorang kakak ni dalam BB cream. I tried and and i loiikeee it !

The must-have items for this “flawless” summer 
SPF 25 PA++ Duo White Essence BB Cream & Zero Pore Primer 

1.SPF 25 PA++ Duo White Essence BB Cream
  • Light and non-greasy blemish balm containing natural botanical extracts and marine collagen
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores & conceals imperfections
  • Silky hydrating & whitening with the design of BB cream and white essence pumping out at the same time
  • Protected from harmful UV rays SPF 25 PA++
  • Made in Korea
2. Zero Pore Primer
  • Contains high water content and addresses surface dehydration around active blemishes
  • Oil controlling ingredients ensure long-wear and flawless application
  • Better skin complexion and radiance
  • Made in Korea

p/s : Terpulang pada skin masing masing . Yang penting kena ada sunblock . Matahari kat Malaysia skarang ni pun terik sangat.. Latest dengar MAC kuarkan BB cream gak uolss ...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I missed Turino !

Bella & Momma
benvenuti a casa ...
I don’t want to wake up and realize what I was dreaming was right in front of my shut eyes. I don’t want to stop saying hellos for fear of saying goodbyes.

Things happen always we reason .
But losing you as a buddy is giving me hard impact . Cuma kekuatan yang ada buat I still stand .

Visited the restaurant in winter it was super dupper fun! Sejuk sure you tend to eat a lot right ..It been presented us with a multi-course meal that was absolutely amazing and every courses with the different wine and we were able to sample several different meats and pasta.

The loss of a friend is like that of a limb.
Time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.A part of you has grown in me, together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance, but not in the heart..
Honestly I miss Bella and 'Momma'. We finally lost contact and I always pray that we will meet again one sweet day.

Wow ! Christmas visit and the snow was dam
 ticked .

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Takziah Aril and family .. al fatihah

Siapa Aril ? Ohh Akedemi fantasia .

"Abang dia pass away la mommy " told my eldest son.

Takziah for him and family. Jumpa Aril pun sekali je masa wedding one of our relative. Lagu dia pun I tak tahu. Tapi kata En suami suara suara arwah Izwan Pilus pun sedap. I tak pernah dengar pun . Apa pun moga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan solihin.

Sakit tak kenal usia ye. 34 years old Irwan Pilus has pass away due of lung inffection on 20/01/2012 @ 6.15pm on beautiful FRIDAY. RIP inya allah.


mood dah datang ...

Perghh letih hari ini. Attended two complain dah makan one day . Ishhh ... Jalan jem , hujan , lapar ... kita makan dulu

Best nyeee .. hehhehe yang penting anak anak tambah ye ..

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yummy ...

 Comel tak bila called Nurul bagitahu nak masak soup sayur dan what should mixed the dishes with . Gila la I ni kan .. I can do many things tapi bila bab masak je kepala jem . hahahah ..
Ni la menu hari kedua masak setelah enam bulan kot tak masuk dapur .. :p

However uols tahu tak walaupun simple macam ni , anak I makan tambah ye . Poor u both .. mommy dunno how to cook :(

p/s: Nanti cari wife pandai masak tau ...

Treat them like a friends ...

Mother board meeting ..

Anak anak skrg lebih advance .. They wanna us to treat them like an adult katanya ..
Aku jawab .. That is always my key words at home
" if u wanna me to treat u like an adult , so behave like one "
Salah , when parents said give up , but having words as giving up is ?
Or parents skrang lunasnya di lahirkan untuk tiada perasaan ? Atau dilahirkan dengan besar kesabaran ? APTB - apa pun tak boleh ! Wahh !!
Kata other friend " Biasa la budak skarang .. Permakanan , susu specially the impact is now when their growth .. "
Kata another friend " biasa budak , notty nye mana sangat, selagi tak mencuri tak merompakndan tak .. Tak takk lagi laaa .."

Bonding is absolutely different issued kan ... Masing masing ada basic .. Tambah anak melinium is different. Kita tak antar anak p ngaji , anak tanya " why u dont send me to mengaji ? " so many why in their head .. Kenapa mommy ? Tak boleh ke mommy ? Taknak mommy , okay mommy .. Is all followed their heart , perhaps adalah mereka fikir pasal perasaan mommy .. So what the issued of not treat them like a friend?

Wont you ever think u dare enough bagitahu your parents yang you tak nak p mengaji ..you tak nak itu dan ini. Normally those days we followed what the parents wants; one is because the understanding of " Asas kehidupan anak ibarat kain putih .. Mak ayah corakkan .. Hitam color , itam la result" Honestly its carried 40% vintage ONLY with that statement.. Now days bukan itu macam lagi ..Kita antar p tuition dia jawab " i taknak tuition here , can i enroll another tuition ? Kat sini tak best la ... ( wahh , nak amek ilmu pun kira best )
Bila kita bagitahu panas lagi nak p main bola dia jawab " mommy kalau tak nak panas diorg main futsal.. Main bola memang panas ... ( wahh ... )

However diorang penjana masa depan .. Diorang yang bakal menerajui dunia ...
Mother board bersidang lagi ... Nak treat macam mana lagi . Bila anak anak compare .. Her parents allowed why my parents did not . Bukan buat apa pun just gathering .. APTB - apa pun tak boleh ..

Tanya ibu yang lahirkan anak , sedih tak dengan perubahan detik masa mula mula lahir , meniarap , berjalan , boleh bcakap , p skool seluar biru , then p skool seluar hijau .. Then masuk university ... I bet you ( kalau ada anak anak yang membaca) they all missed so much that moment .. Kalau boleh anak umur 30 tahun sekali pun ibu ni nak peluk .. Nak cium .. Nak sleep macam dulu ...

Nanti mother board meeting bersidang lagi .. I share lagi ..

p/s : dont get me wrong tak de kena mengena dengan siapa .. Mommy bukan nama sebenar .. Ibu pun cuma nama diadaptasi .. It just an issued some mother's has bring up for god seek to improve mak bahavior u know ... Takde kena mengena yang hidup atau pun yang mati ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hasilnyaa .. :p

Kena sound ngan En Suami , lama sangat you tak masak katanya .
Opss !

So pi Hero supermarket cari lauk and stuff. Ha'ah lama sangat tak masak . Merajuk kejab sebab ada orang cakap takde selerala nak makan , sebab I memang tak pandai masak .. huwwwaa ... So En Suami kata , masak je yang simple simple , weekend we dinner outside .

les plats les plus simples et ses délicieux encore (the most simple dishes and its still yummy )

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curly hair 2012

When left to its own devices, my hair is sort of a cross between Shirley Temple's and Sarah Jessica Parker's: long, blonde, and full of ringlets. In the 2012 heyday of spiral perms, having naturally curly hair seemed kind of cool.. kan ??
How do I look at the first place ..

I love messy , bouncy hair ... Cant remember when the last time I was very need and tidy except of course you goin for work right ..

If we could only maintain those smooth defined tendrils that got us so many complements as a child. But alas, as we mature our adorable baby curls often can become an uncontrollable frizzy mess. So how can we control our loopy locks?

as you know that a casual short wavy haircut is free-flowing, easy-going, and one that falls into place on its own.

I guess this year more to elegant yet relaxed finish. Inspired, in part, by the 70s fashion revival but working across most of 2012′s looks.

Bila nak buat ni Edy ?

Monday, January 16, 2012


Senang sangat nak kata "im sorry" tapi kita paham tak ironi nya maksud maaf ?

Besar pengertian dan Maksud tersirat disebalik khilafnya perkataan itu .

Mudah memohon maaf , terlalu mudah juga mengharap agar maaf diterima. Apapun perkataan itu diterima dengar walaupun sahihnya tiada.

Maaf sepatutnya dari hati , ikhlas bukan setakat memohon maaf kerana itu pun mampu menggembirakan orang lain. Ironinya perkataan itu agar kita insaf disebalik khilaf yang dirancanakan ...

Apapun kala itu mampu menggembirakan di pendengar yang tegar .. Sorry i did it again !

P/s: maaf cuma a words .. Sahihnya tiada siapa yang tahu ..allahualam ..

Giotto calling !

Giotto is a ferrero chocolate cream center, within a wafer sphere coated with hazelnut pieces.
giotto in frankfurt only cost 1.80 euros

After all , I miss the giotto .. where can I get here in Kuala Lumpur , anyone ?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Influenza B

I remembered on Saturday , I kasi paracetamol muka dia swollen , mata bengkak.. I bawak dia to nearest clinic. Doctor said allergic probably .. Yelah .. Bukan amik darah bagai kan ..

But Dr Hafiz did mentioned kalau still demam p check darah.

So when Monday came , dia tak kebah , I bawak p clinic near to my opis . Dr Hadhanah asked me to refer him to specialist .. It must be viral fever , katanya .. Then I seek for 2nd opinion  the doctor advise that I could do it manually at home by giving him water and 100 plus..( Reading blood platelet 137)

Unfortunately the fever still..lagi panas, dia start vomiting  so we decided to sent him to Gleneagles Medical Centre .So I have decided for him to do medical check up. Marcus , Dr Lalita assistant @ Gleneagle A&E collect the resulting fluid from nose to do RIDT Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test .( Cause when he asked me & hubby there is a symptom of Influenza - which I thought was dengue earlier)

Lembik .. Cian dia...
He heard that the doctor told me that his having influenza B - H1N1 .
So he told me that "mummy kena pakai mask" . He looked down . Me either. Yelah macam macam kat kepala hotak , but lucky us Dr Ng Sui Yin his pediatrician has convince and brief us about the virus. Influenza viruses spread in tiny droplets caused by coughing and sneezing. They usually spread from person to person. Sometimes, however, people become infected by touching something that was recently contaminated with the virus and then touching their mouth or nose . But as the Dr Ng told us for not to worried because its seem command now days .

looking at the bills I was shocked with the price

So everything begin with tamiflue , arius , brufen , aloclair , ibuprofen ..Within 3 days he has been in separated room , dripping , take all medicine..
And today I've learned so many terms and how treat my son well with the medicine. How does this happen to him. He is healthy clean kids. I have not been told or noticed sick children by school, of course I had brought them on our normal weekly activity . He went to school , I brought him to the grocery store and food court so I guess they could have been exposed anywhere.

I have to admit I am thankful if this is the extent of this flu and my children are handling it just fine. For this horrible hyped up, frightening, H1N1 is became command.

Mummy love you so much ...
My baby tested positive for Influenza B and it does not make me a bad mom. I want others to know that this horrible, I would rather him to have this Influenza B then have a stomach flu or an ear infection any day.( mode : pujuk hati larroo).
 Today he still under tamiflu medication and I'm very sure he will fine and better. No worries baby its command now!  

Kids get sick, and when they get better they become stronger, insya allah..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Buenos Aires

The "Parris " of  Latin America

The neighborhood is known throughout the world because of the football team Boca Juniors, Diego Maradona"s club. The best Italian food in town !
Buenos Aires is known internationally for being the city where tango music 
and dance was nurtured and where,
nowadays, its is mainly confined to shows for tourists. 
  Accessto Libertad and Santa Fe
so this post is a little late – over than 6 year late to be precise – but that’s okay because I still remember every miniscule detail of the trip as if it was yesterday. …

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