Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tak mudah ~

I'm coming home , with all the hiccups and obstacles finally I'm back to my hometown. 
Takda benda yang paling happy walaupun Im sure keadaan akan bertambah lagi payah . After leaving my routine for two week , my life like an empty box and I keep asking my self I am doing things correct ? Tinggalkan anak , good friend , harta yang tak seberapa di Kuala Lumpur and its definitely a lot to catch up for my coming back.Arggggg ! 
Kosong - I dun know how you feel but seriously I felt bad !

All my weekend has been utilized like an jet star coming up to KL and back to Kuantan on weekdays. The decisions on my children to follow me back are still tentatively .. Its hard but its left me no choice.

I was going through the moment that I don't really like to face it. 

As I mentioned I felt like live in the box , food been feed by my parents but the routine that I have done for almost four years seems it over . But after all ; this is the things that I have make up my mind . I Finally made a decision. I don't care. That's right. I said it to my self. I'm open about it . No fears of judgement, may be a little , but its cool.

As soon I set my self free from pressure of being as good as others , like an instruction , like an being control by panel .. I felt free .I think I have a lot to tell and basically I'm finally at my hometown. Meet my amazing old friends , new friends , new neighborhood ,new colleague and new office environment It takes time for me to adapt but I'm sure I can. Hence they drop by , bought some fabulous new dresses and we went to other friend house ate the selection of cake ( felt like having in bakery shop) that made by my dearest friend who love to baked , either way then I cannot say I regret it. Altho we were apart at one time but now I felt very closed.

So I'm going to try to keep up the challenge of actually doing this for my own sake. Honestly without sharing , I just feel like I go insane .. ( LOL)

I hope I would be able to adapt with the kind of family oriented environments whereby every weekend you can see everybody having potluck stuff and gathering things with family members.

The parenthood just started here ,It will be a good start I can feel it . Good luck Sayang , I need to past the battle back to you .

Thanks Allah . Insya allah you gonna be okay  . xo

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