Thursday, March 25, 2010


I know I'm on my way to my dream, but how long, how hard, and what I need to overcome on this path, I do not know yet. I am counting a day .. and I am so scared by now ( please don't tell boss)

I was being assigned some jobs at work during my five month with them ~A Staff trip~ Being a event coordinator, something came through my life before, but never dared to dream about after settle down. I remembered my instructor at the academy Airlines took much effort trying to correct my knowledge and mistakes (whoops I hope my boss is not reading this), and I did try hard to improve and learn more stuffs after that. Okay, perhaps my knowledge is not perfect, but I think it's good enough.

Next, being a part of committee - being creative, being catchy. Well that's a huge challenge. I have to think of some catchy phrase to catch the team attention and make something happening by giving info to them. I enjoy the thrill of the excitement of being 'entrusted', challenged and 'seeing' my creativity. Yet I'm aware of the difficulties might come along and at times when things just doesn't seem right - for example, being stuck and no inspiration on activity.

Am I thinking too much? Perhaps. It's good to have some self realization.By now I just have to do more activity, search a place of interest with reasonable price. Costing are major topic on doing activity for the group. I can see the person I want to be, my dream; event co-coordinator,me;- someone who can make a difference. I know where I am now, and it can't be done without God's interventions (not that He needs to perform a huge miracle), but I can only say that if the Lord wills, the dream can be achieved, and all the glory goes to Him. Ultimately, I hope my life will mean something, for being part of His work on earth, and what I do, what I dream of, will never ever be done in vain.

Leaving 2009 project in heart with smile. Looking to the picca on the wall before entering office pantry make me realize the big roll on doing something. Many Thanks to team who trust my capability to make that project success.

Again , being a part of team this year when we have merger two team become one , I knew that is not easy to monitor. To plan something that you have to imagine is hard to do. We started six month in paper until it's only take less than twenty-four hour in real life.
I keep smiling till now. Through out the project sometimes I was little bit give up when the project seem not interested to them. But the committee members are always keep remind one another on the purpose of doing this.
Some of it give nasty feedback.Huh!!!

Without any one realize, it was my last project with the team...Huh.. I was little bit sad when I heard some says 'something' when I have decided not to go, on this trip... Actually I didn't know that I am still around or NOT during that time..Hard for me to share, but let me tell you I've got no choice by telling you that my family is my priority. My hubby need me more on make sure my children being taking care of.
As promise I'm still helping them for 2010 staff trip will take about less than two month from now. Looking at them I know that I will remember the moment that we have spend together....

My journey here, are about at the end. A time for me to say good bye.Special thanks to Zarilan who teach me a lot being a team, to Nurul who work hand to hand with me, to my boss who trust my capability to be head of the team,to my 'AH LONG' ~ Saha and Herwan , my lady GAGA who helping me, to all who support and encourage me... and for all participants who believe in me.

I will remember every single moment that we have shared ...
~Until me and Epit have to stay back till 10:00 pm looking at bank-slip if there is floating money,Unfortunately NO(someone has claims that the money have bank-in)... Then how hard to asked Dragon to find the fund... huh!kenangan terindah babe!

I also would like to apologize for any hi-cup during my stayed.

I'm not perfect and I willing to learn more but unfortunately I have to go..

I wish all the best to you all and i really hope that we can keep in touch.

I am counting days!:(


Monday, March 22, 2010

Redang Island,Terengganu

Memories are something that no one can ever take from you. They're embedded in your brain forever. After my husband and I had spent several month working without any off day, we knew that we had to get away. Where could someone go that would’t be extremely costly?

As the time approached for us to gather up our luggage and travel to Merang Jetty, we started to get more excited. We had no clue as to what we were getting ourselves into, but we were excited about getting away.
The weather is terrible. It was bumpy ride all the way. My son was vomited although I have given ‘novimin’ for prevents to vomits.

We headed to our room, and unpacked our clothing. We felt like two teenagers on a first date... Forgotten that we had three handbags that we has brought along ... The room so big and we had connecting room as per requested.
Thanks for understanding..:)
We can hear the laugh from another door.I believed they really enjoyed the stayed!

Oh, let me tell you about this island.The crystal blue water was something you would think you'd only see on a postcard.We found ourselves just relaxing and talking, and even though there were over 2,000 people on this island, we felt that it was just the five of us. We found an area off in a corner, in the shade, and relaxed . I didn't want to ever leave this island in paradise.
Upon arriving on our dinner, we were greeted by the hostess, which made us feel that they were so glad to see us. It truly was like our home away from home. We were entertained during the night with a wonderful show by the entertainers on the resort. We played some shuffleboard, spent a little time at the recreation center, hung out by the pool, and watched the ice carving demonstration. The list just goes on and on.The most special part of my vacation was having time to be with my family in an atmosphere that made us feel like we were in a world of our own ... in our home on the island…

The remainder of the day could not have been better. We were so excited that we actually went back to our room and called it a night before midnight, so we could prepare ourselves for the next day, for we were going to the Marine Park for snorkeling.Afterward, we headed back to the resort.
We have spent 2 night on the island, and we knew that we are very lucky. To have happy family who never says anything on our busy day.

Many thanks to my beloved husband who work so hard just to fulfill our needed..and I believe everybody need a vacation...:)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"Raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children is one of our greatest challenges. Kids require incredible amount of our love, understanding, patience, praise, nurturance, guidance, respect and thought. All these things all take time. If you simplify even one or two areas of your life it will vastly improve the quality and increase the quantity of time you have to spend with your kids.An your family life will be much easier and a lot more fun. As is should be...

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